Google Maps features – how to use Google Maps

Google Maps

What is Google Maps?

Google maps are the module of Google where it provides your location, satellite imagery, street maps, 360* panoramic views of streets, traffic heaviness and slowness and route planes.

Google Maps app is available on Android and IOS too. Download now. In every Android phone, Google map is available. You just need to update it and enjoy.

Google Maps Features:

Google maps have many features which will Force you to use it. Some features are as follows.

  • Explore the map in every perspective.
  • 3D view is available.
  • You can see traffic, biking, and the new feature is coming toilet sign which means you can find toilets in Map too.
  • You can watch street views too.
  • You can rate and review the places you visited.
  • The best feature is you can download the areas in your SD card and use it without the internet anytime. I have demonstrated in the video below.

Why It is better than Others?

The other applications of Maps data are not updated many times. If you want updated app, in that case, you have to buy their premium plan which almost cost 40 to 50 euros which estimated Pakistani 5000 to 6000 rupees. But Google is giving free for all the stuff. You can use it anytime in any manner. And I used it personally, the other apps that give me a wrong path to travel because all the locations were not updated but as I used Google Maps. That give me wow.  You can watch my demonstration in below videos.

How to download the area in your Phone/SD card?

  1. Open the app in phone or tablet.
  2. Search the place which you want to download.
  3. Then click on the left menu button.
  4. Click on Offline Areas.
  5. Then click on the “custom area” and click on download button.

Enjoy the Offline map now.

Here is First Demonstration video where I explained how to download the areas and save it to your SD card Or phone storage and use it without Internet.

Here is Full Demonstration video where I explained how to use the map for traveling purpose. route the location to second place and travel. and it was properly working in offline mood. I was traveling in bus and this demonstration is working well. 

Final Words:

In this tutorial, I have explained all the usage of Google maps in any manner. I Have told how you can download the areas and use it offline without the internet. And in next video, I have explained how you can use it for traveling purpose. I went on the bus and used it and demonstrated for you.

Hopefully, you enjoyed my article. Please Comment and share this article to help people and Subscribe Now.

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